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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Five Years From Now

So recently i took a mind power class, it was some sort of mental training where we trained our brains to be focused. What i mean by focus, is focus with the things that has to be done in front of us and be focus of what we want to achieve in the future. So the trainer said, that our mind can send positive vibe to the nature so they will help us to granted our goals. The nature with always find its way to somehow make our dreams come true.

In short, if we believe with our deep emotional thinking in our mind and heart, we will achieve our goals. But the most successful way to achieve this is to set the time limit and replace the word 'will' with present tense. Time limit will help us to set target of when this is gonna happened, so we don't take time for granted and just let everything flow without a deadline. Present tense will gave us feeling that there's no option of failing, that eventually we will be what we want to be. Example : "2020 i have three children and live in my own house" see the difference? if you wrote this kind of statement, you will get the feeling that you already achieve it and just waiting it to happened.

so what i'm going to do here is, i will to list down the picture of myself five years from now, which is 2020.. here we go:

1. I'm married with the love of my life, and we have a hell of the first three years of marriage, we had fun and still in love.

2. We have 1 kid, a beautiful daughter/son and we will send them to pre-school soon!

3. so we living on the suburbs, the house is not too big, but we kinda enjoy it with our little family

4. I'm starting my business, resigning from my current office. I already have a higher position and already tried every thing i need to get the knowledge to build my own business.

5. Oh and i'm still hanging out with my junior, high, and campus mate!

6. I have a safe cash flow and savings for my future children. My husband and i are on the same phase with me on raising a kid.

7. My parents is always visiting me on weekend or either way. Mom and dad is happily retire and playing with their grandchildren, we also had a monthly trip as a big family.

8. I have a fun activity that i'm always do with my husband when the kid is with their grandparents.

9. I'm also had fun joining social community who helps social issue, and glad to be the part of the committee.

10. After all the tired thing happened to me, when i came home and see my husband and my child playing together.. that's the most beautiful thing that can cure all my tiredness.

So... mind power? help me fulfill this

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