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  • Rani Tria Anggiani


Cheers... to every dream that we achieve and to every dream we're giving up

Cheers.. to every person that we have and to every person that we lost along the way

Cheers.. to every person that we love and to every heartbreak we felt the time we spent laughing and the time we spent crying alone

Cheers.. to every success we get and to failure that make us broken

Cheers.. to everytime we say hello to someone and to the last goodbye

and.. cheers to the most difficult time and to every minutes we struggle, trying to survive what we so called "life"

cuz you're not alone in this world.. we all have our own problems and difficulties.. just remember that the beauty of living this earth is to remember who you are and to cherish every single breath that you hale.. and to look up and to say thankyou that you get the chance to live


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