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3 Best Toys for Muslim Child

I guess many of you, like me, sometimes don't know what else to do when it comes to playing with our toddler, let alone this quarantine makes us impossible to go anywhere. When we almost already give every toy possible, from LEGO to Playdoh, we need better ideas or better toys to play with. The good news is, playtime with toddlers is also the best time where we can teach them something new. Playtime is actually pretty important to stimulate sensory, verbal and non-verbal communications, and introduce them to new knowledge. For example, to learn about religion in a fun way! Since I'm a Muslim I'm going to list some of the toys that I tried with my kid and also worked both ways as playtime and learning time. So these are the best Islamic toys you can find online!

If you ever running out of the idea of how to get your child away from gadgets and TV, this book might be the solution. What's interesting about this activity book, it looks literally like a book where they have paper and all, but when you press all the pictures it actually delivers sound. Not only it teaches kid about prayers, Islamic letters (hijaiyah), and also things around us, it also teaches how to say it in Arabic. This book kind of reminds me of one of those Fisher Price vocabulary board, only this time, they have pages of vocabulary that comes with multiple languages instead just a single board. If you are thinking to give a birthday give to your Muslim friend, this Islamic Toy would be perfect.

It also comes with a white board-type paper where children can easily write and wipe it off. The fun doesn't stop there, This machine is also a one-in-one device that has learning games, includes ABC, numbers, animals, and 26 English/Arabic words. Some of the games are finding numbers, colors, or letters, and this improves the learning skills of children. The games in the toy machine also play a crucial role in developing a kid’s mental health.

You can check how to operate it here.

For those of you who have bigger kids (5 years and above) teaching salah, it's one of the things that we need to start. But since their understanding and focus is still pretty limited, parents might have to figure out a way to make salah time more fun without leaving the "teaching" part. As parents, we need to teach kids that salah it's not only a series of movement but also contains prayers, surah, and also duas. So may I recommend you, My Salah Mat.

My Salah Mat is a new and innovative prayer mat because there are no other Muslim prayer mats available on the market that have been developed to specifically teach children to perform the Muslim prayer in this way. My Salah Mat includes a touch-sensitive technology, which no other prayer mats have. It takes the Muslim prayer mat and completely transforms it into something interactive.

It also has 7 different languages (English, French, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Urdu) that also would be perfect for birthday gifts! The great thing about this salah mat, it also interactive so it makes children don't get bored easily, it consists of 36 touch-sensitive keys.

Check how to operate it here.

What I love about a wooden puzzle, especially the ones that have knobs like this one, that it can increase their sensory time as well as vocabulary and knowledge about shapes. Phew! that is many things in one Islamic toy. A puzzle that has knobs makes toddlers easier to grab and play with so they won't easily be frustrated. Instead of the static flashcard where most parents who in charge to tell them what to point out, Puzzle enables toddlers to freely pick and that leaves us to teach which hijaiyah belongs to which shape and where to put them.

It helps Children to learn Alif Ba Ta Arabic alphabet, self-corrective. and children can easily Identify The Arabic alphabet and the object that Goes with It and place the alphabet In the correct alphabet block.

Hope this article can help busy mom in still providing a valuable playtime for their children and get their friends or family the best Islamic toys to play wiith!



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