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5 Good Movies to Watch When Bored in 2021

These are the best movies to watch on one of your "switch-off" day that serves the best heart-warming story. From coming-of-age to award-winning movie, find it here!

Who's excited in this first month of 2021? Are you guys feeling pumped already? Motivated? Or on the contrary, you just want to take a whole year to laid back and enjoy the moment? Whatever your plan or your target this your, sure we don't have any capacity to judge one and another, am I right? I have something to admit, even though I rarely write anything about it this article: I'm a huge movie geek! Like legit, I can watch back to back old school movies without feeling bored. I love to watch a movie with a specific filming technique or a strong storyline and chemistry between its actors. This time, I want to review some of the movies that I think not that heavy to be watched during your spare time, this list contains movies that also has a good moral story, valuable conversation, that make you re-think life and see it in a different perspective.

The movies on this list also have that consistency where it is enjoyable to watch from the beginning until the end that doesn't really have a tough climax that you have to digest. So without any further due, here are some of the good movies to watch when bored:

if someone asks me what movie describes my everyday mood and thoughts, it is this movie. The movie revolves around Greg, a male high school student who's basically has a low sense of care in his surrounding, he's so unattached, he doesn't want to belong in any group (you know in high school there are groups like the geeks, the freaks, the cool, the jocks, etc right), I mean even the anti-socials like nerds and geeks have their group, but Greg just don't belong anywhere (or at least he doesn't make the effort to fit in everywhere). That until he met Rachel, his classmate that he didn't even notice to exist before. The actual meeting is when Greg's mom asked him to accompany Rachel because she just found out from Rachel's mom That Rachel is actually dying from cancer, Greg, who is not attached to anything related to Rachel feel that it doesn't really concern him and of course he reluctant to be involved in any way.

Eventually, his mom made him do it, and he does it anyway. Greg then started hanging out with Rachel and friendship blooms from there. For the first time in his life he really has something to nurture, which is the friendship itself, he always makes time for Rachel, cheers her up, be there on every therapy session and etc. Their relationship is pretty unique since it is not romantic yet Greg who's struggling with intimacy also finds it hard to acknowledge that Rachel is indeed his new best friend. And who is Earl again? It is also his best friend that he failed to acknowledge due to his lack of attachment. This movie is suitable for you who want to feel something, watching conversation that is natural and is not forced by a well-written script and the cinematography is also beautiful to watch.

2. Jojo Rabbit

While Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl is more like an indie movie, Jojo Rabbit actually got Oscar nomination for many good categories. At first, I'm pretty skeptical about a slapstick about the Nazi era and it involving children? Like how is this movie be any good? Turns out I was so wrong because Jojo Rabbit is so good, you are actually drawn into Jojo's story instead of focusing on the Nazi era setting. Jojo is a German kid who idolized Hitler, Hitler is her role model that he developed an imaginary friend based on Hitler himself. Her mother (played by Scarlett Johansen) though, is one of the rebels who don't really favor Nazis let alone Hitler.

Because Jojo's mother has this really good human trait, Jojo somehow inherits it. It is reflected when he discovers a Jewish girl in his cupboard that her mother has been hiding. The rest of the movie is about the inner conflict that Jojo has with himself with Imaginary Hitler that constantly always told him what to do and how Jojo eventually has his own goodwill to fight Nazi cruelty by doing a simple thing, saving the girl his mom has been hiding. This movie is perfect for you who want to see the on-screen chemistry of the platonic relationship between a girl and a boy.

3. Easy A

At first, I was putting low expectations toward this movie, because I thought it was going to be those "ok" chick-flicks that is just enjoyable to watch but don't really leave any sticky impression for me, also, Emma Stone wasn't really a big star back then. But I couldn't be more wrong. Easy A is one of those movies that are well-written and have every character in place. Emma Stone's performance is so strong, I think her career took off since then.

Easy A basically tells a story about a high school girl named Olivia who's not really that popular but eventually be a victim of a bad rumor that spread around the school because of some miscommunication on some occasions. Luckily, Olivia is raised by positive parents that made her bravely embrace this weird negative rumor and she decided to play it out until everyone believes that the rumor is true. She didn't care about the rumor because while he's playing it, she's also helping poor geeky boys that need a fake "girlfriend" so they can be cooler. And when I said girlfriend, it is not like PDA some sort of thing, but more like she confesses to anyone that she's actually having intercourse with those guys without actually doing it. What I like about this movie also, is to see Emma Stone's acting like a teenage awkward girl who's navigating around social, love life and school life. It makes you reminiscing the day when you are a high schooler. And this movie is also perfect to watch when you are bored.

4. Matchstick Men

I love watching classic Nicholas Cage, I don't have a specific reason though, it is probably because he was a good-looking and tall man and his characters always have this ironic storyline that we want to follow "what's his deal" throughout the whole movie. One of the classic Nicholas Cage movies that I like is Matchstick Men. It is about a con man who makes money from scamming people, but no, he is not one of those sophisticated "Catch Me if You Can" or "The Wolf of Wallstreet" kind of scam but just a door-to-door fake salesman scam. One day, Roy Waller (Nicholas Cage's character) hedonistic life is disrupted by his estranged daughter that he hadn't met in 14 years, the story got interesting from there as he is battling with his morality as a con artist and setting a good example for her daughter. As he doesn't have that natural Dad instinct, he is struggling to keep his presence to his daughter while still doing his act as a con man.

What I love the most about the movie again, is the ending. I'm sure you will not see how this movie end, it is typical Ridley Scott who is sure won't just deliver any mediocre plot and ending. If you think this is just about a father and daughter relationship movie, well it is more than that.

5. While You Were Sleeping

Because I want to keep this list with as many variations as possible, it is never complete if I don't put any chick flick into this movie. When You Were Sleeping is one of the classic romance movies that I love because of the cuteness and compatibility of Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock delivered. The story is about a young woman named Lucy who accidentally saves her crush ( a stranger handsome man) when he has heart failure and falls into a railway. Unconcious, Lucy decided to bring him to a hospital where mixed and complicated miscommunications leading up to people in the hospital, and eventually the man's family think that Lucy is his fiance.

The story got interesting when The man's brother named Jack is arriving and he has every doubt that Lucy is actually his brother fiance (mostly because Lucy is not his brother type but more of his type). The story continues when Ben keeps approaching Lucy with curiosity but eventually falling in love with her as he gets to know Lucy better and better. It is nice to see Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock on screen because they were very attractive and it is easy to see them talk casually and develops chemistry.


I always enjoyed watching coming of age movie or black comedy as a stress reliever and an entertainment to watch when I'm bored and not expecting any surprise. It is just so easy to watch these type of movies without having any special time to spare, as you can always pause it and continue to watch whenever you can.



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