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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

How to survive a heartbreak

Well heartbreak is something that is unavoidable , at some point of our life we experienced a heartbreak. whether your being dumped by your boyfriend, betrayed by your best friend, and any other things that makes you just curled up on your bed and not wanting to get up. There's some ways to survive a heart break, but i narrowed it down to three main points : 1. Forgive yourself First of all, you have to forgive yourself, that at some point of your life you made

a mistake. You have to admit to your self that you made a bad decision, chose the wrong partner, trust the wrong friend and any other things. Stop blaming other of what happened to yourself, you have to admit that you made the mistake. But then, you have to forgive yourself from making it. Remind yourself that everyone's made a bad mistake, so you're not alone in this world. 2. Forgive People who hurts you Let your feelings. you're can be mad, hate, and just angry to people who hurt you. you can keep this feeling, but limit your time. You have to let go this feelings, forgive them..even though they don't asked for forgiveness. You have to forgive them, so you don't drag these people into your future because somehow you still hold grudges. Leave them in the past, as well as you left your feelings in the past. 3. Involved yourself with new problems When i say problems, i mean positive problems. Sign up for social organization, or have yourself busy with works, or involved yourself with positive activity. This way, you can distract yourself from that sad feeling and get to know new people that can opened up your mind about the world. That the world is not just revolved around you and your heartbreak.

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