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2022 Upcoming Movies to Cheer Up Your Motherhood Journey

To cheer you up in 2022, do not forget to check out more upcoming movies 2022 for mothers. What are they? Hopefully, they will lighten up your days.

The journey of motherhood is getting more challenging throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. To cheer you up in 2022, do not forget to check out more upcoming movies 2022 for mothers. Hopefully, you can make time to wind down a bit this way, whether on theatre or Netflix.

So, for starters, here are the lists of movies to watch based on where you can do it:

Movies On Theatres

Hopefully, Omicron does not ruin it for you and your family. Check out the list below:

Legally Blonde 3

How is Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon)? The plot is still a mystery. So far, we have only known that besides Witherspoon, some other regular casts are returning. Jennifer Coolidge will be back as Elle’s quirky beautician friend Paulette Parcelle, while Jessica Cauffiel is returning as Margot, Elle’s friend since college years.

Marry Me

Are you ready to spend some quality time with your hubby while your kids are with the babysitter overnight? Enjoy this movie. It is the story of pop superstar Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez), who makes a rash decision to marry a total stranger in the crowd – right after learning about her fiance’s infidelity – seconds before their wedding in front of her fans.

Ticket To Paradise

Starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Kaitlyn Dever, a divorced couple decide to work together. They fly to Bali to stop their only daughter from making the same mistake they did 25 years before. Is it a mistake, though?


If you are up for family movies, Sneakerella is one of them you should take your kids to. This Disney musical tells a modern parody of Cinderella with a twist, about a sneakers’ aspiring designer falling in love with a basketball star’s daughter. Since the main character is a guy, he is also in the company of his Fairy Godfather.

Where The Crawdads Sing

Here are other family movies you can watch with your kids. Based on the novel by Delia Owens, this story centers on Kya – a lonely, misunderstood girl living in the marsh. Things turn up more intense when the body of Chase Andrews, a local celebrity of Barkley Cove, is found. He is murdered.

Movies On Netflix

Meanwhile, if your choice is to stay home with family in front of the screen, here is another list:

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

These days, K-drama is a thing. No worries if you still have not learned Korean. Netflix always supplies subtitles for you. This romance series tells Na Hee-Doo (Kim Tae-Ri), a professional fencing athlete, Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk), a sports reporter for a broadcasting network.

The Youngest Son of A Conglomerate

If you are up for another more thrilling K-drama series, check this one out. It is the story of Yoon Hyun-Woo (Song Joong-ki), a man betrayed and murdered by the youngest son of the conglomerate family. Ironically, he wakes up in the body of his murderer, so he uses it to go on a vengeful spree.

So, these are series and upcoming movies 2022 for mothers. Hopefully, they will make your day whenever you need them to.




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