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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Thoughtful and Warm Care Package for Chemotherapy To Show You Care

Is your family member on a chemotherapy schedule? There are many ways to show how much you care for them. Here are some ideas for the cancer care package.

We have all agreed that having cancer is frustrating. Numerous medical treatments, including regular chemotherapy, can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and exhausting. As someone caring for a senior family member with cancer, showing them you care is one way to reduce their pain.

There are many ways to show how much you care for them. If you are looking for care package ideas, here are some ideas:

The Packages Itself

From the outside, your cancer care package should already look interesting and green-conscious too. If you want to send it by mail, choose a shipped box. If you would like to deliver it in person, use a decorative basket or container instead. For example, homemade snickerdoodles might turn into crumbs if you use shipped boxes without enough packing material to keep them intact. If you prefer the basket or container, it is safer to send them over.

Inside The Packages

When it comes to the chemo care package, you do not always consider delicate, serious stuff. Knowing how exhausting the patient must be after each session, something simpler might be more effective. You may consider some of these categories to put inside the packages for them:

Things for fun activities.

No matter how well-rested, post-chemo patients might feel bored after some time. Handing them some things for fun activities will help them cure their boredom. The list can be endless, but here are just some of them.

Books on Sudoku puzzles and crosswords puzzles will keep them busy. If they like playing cards or reading books and magazines, you can give them those too. It is even better to pay for their Netflix or Amazon subscriptions if they love watching films.

Foods or special treats.

As part of a chemo care package, supplying them with healthy foods is important—for example, a basket of fruit. You can also give them homemade cookies or bread, candy or snacks, and specialty tea. If they feel like having some specific menus from their favorite takeouts, a gift card for purchasing at their favorite restaurant will do.

Items for personal care.

Personal care involves having proper toiletries, like lotion, dry shampoo, soap, and mint toothpaste. You can also add more to make them feel good, like lavender essential oil, foot scrub, or a complete package of easy, DIY skincare rituals at home.

Things for comfort.

After chemotherapy, patients need extra help to feel comfortable—for example, fuzzy socks and a lap blanket to keep them warm. Decorative plants or flowers can lift their mood. So do Himalayan salt lamps, soft-scented, aromatherapy candles, and soothing music on their chosen playlist.

A personal touch.

Last but not least, having a personal touch on the package will make them feel more special. For example, you add a handwritten card sign by you and all your family members and your family photograph together. If you can give them something handmade, like an artistic sketch you make, they will be very thrilled.

Although not in the medical sense, giving them cancer care packages like these ideas shows how thoughtful you are. They will know how much you care from the efforts you make here.




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