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Whether realizing it or not, there are a lot of songs with anxiety lyrics. Some are being subtle and use metaphors to give allusion to the song. While some others are being blunt and raw in their delivery.

Why the Anxiety Lyrics is important

It is hard to talk about mental health openly, as there is still a stigma about those who talk about it. Many people also still tend to underestimate the symptoms. Through these anxiety lyrics, these artists wish to reach out to their fans that mental health issue is a real problem.

The Positive songs list

  1. 1-800-273-8255 – Logic ft Alessia Cara, Khalid

The title is taken from the National Suicide Helpline. The song is a raw delivery on dealing with depression and contemplating suicide. With strong lyrics that show the evolution of being in the dark place to have someone who listens.

Logic said that he was inspired by some of his fans who told him that his music saved their lives, and decided to take the idea further by creating a song that literally could save people’s life.

2. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been one of the few artists who were open up and honest about her battle with addiction and depression. She rose to fame at an early age and has been through the whole life roller coaster.

Through Skyscraper, Demi shares the message that it’s okay to be fragile. And after all, that being said and done, you can bounce back and rise through the problems, like a skyscraper.

3. Breathin’ – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is not new to dealing with anxiety, but it only got worse after the bombing during her concert in Manchester 2017. Through this song, Ariana shares her experience with anxiety.

Anyone can relate to the lyrics that tell how hard it is to breathe when having anxiety-filled thoughts. And that reminds everyone that things will get better if they only breathe.

4. Smile – Jay Z ft Gloria Carter

Jay Z seemed to have an easy life. Married to Beyonce and lead an empire of recording label and a music streaming company. But not many people are aware of his struggle in his personal life.

Smile is his way to show the darkness he went through as an artist and as a person. Through the lyrics, he’s telling how he faces his problem, and that is by smiling and having a positive attitude toward life.

5. Anxiety – Julia Michaels ft Selena Gomez

Julia Michaels wrote the song based on her personal experience dealing with depression. The lyrics are very blunt on speaking about what someone with anxiety feels every day.

Anyone can relate to the confusion in the head that leads to paranoia when having anxiety.

6. 24/7 - Kehlani

From the beginning, Kehlani went for the hit and tells everyone that it’s okay to be not okay. As a vocal advocate on anxiety and depression, Kehlani released the single to tell her fans it’s okay to feel a bit unwell once in a while.

The lyrics tell that nobody put on the nice façade and live up to everyone’s expectations all day long.

There're many things that a song can do. It can lift you up and even make you realize how things have gone wrong in your life. But above everything, songs can be used to communicate. These songs are only a small fragment of many other songs with anxiety lyrics that could relate to what you feel right now.



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