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There are a lot of time travel movies on Netflix, but only a few that worth your time. Some of them are worth watching again at some other time. After all, time-traveling is one of the most popular themes. A lot of directors have tried their hands on the theme and made comedies like Groundhog Day, and thriller-like 12 monkeys.

Time Travel Movies on Netflix that touches relationship

Romantic relationship is always been one of the major point in a movie. With time travel, there’s another flavor of complication in the relationship. But before you get confused in the land of infinite movie options, we have curated several movies covering various genres that you should try. Have a look at time travel movies on Netflix that worth watching.

6 best Time Travel movies

1. About time

This movie tells the story of Tim who could travel back in time starting on his 21st birthday. His father later told him that the gift has been going on the family male line for a long time.

Tim tried a couple of times to fix several moments in his life where he felt like he could fix. After trying so many times, Tim finally realized that life is better the way it is.

2. The Time Traveler’s wife

Adapted from the novel with the same name by Audrey Niffenegger. This movie tells the story of Henry and Clare who faced difficulties in their relationship as he can’t control his time-traveling ability.

Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams starred in this movie that teaches us about loving someone even when there’s an impending parting in the future.

3. Familiar Wife

The next movie is a series from Korea. This K-drama tells the story of Cha Joo-Hyuk who suddenly went back in time. He got to reconnect with his first love, Lee Hyo-Won.

But what about the life he already had before? He had a good job at a bank and been married for five years. Was his previous life that bad so Joo-Hyuk opted for another walk of life?

Watch this drama for the fantasy and love rollercoaster.

4. Go back couple

If you want more K-drama, we hear you. This romance-comedy starred by Jang Na-Ra and Song Boo Hyun. It tells the story of a couple whom one day woke up and found themselves back in their twenties after arguing about their current situation.

Realizing that they’re having a second chance in life, they took the options they didn’t take before. Unaware that those decisions can alter their future. Will they fix their differences or will they go a different way? Satisfy your curiosity by watching this 12-episodes drama.

5. Kairos

This K-drama is a thriller mystery with a time travel theme. Kim Seo-Jin suddenly lost his daughter, and his wife committed suicide not long after. Suddenly, he came into contact with Han Ae-Ri, a girl looking for her mother who went missing.

Seo-Jin realizes that he’s a month ahead of Ae-Ri, asked her to figure out what went wrong with his family and prevent their demise. In return, he will look for her mother.

Expect unexpected twists and turns when you watch these 16 episodes dramas.

6. Coherence

A group of eight people went to a reunion dinner, each was carrying their relationship baggage. A blackout happened after a comet passed near Los Angeles. The friends soon figured out that there was a time and space split caused by the comet. Will they be able to return to where they started? Do they want to return? If you’re curious about how their relationships go, you should give Coherence a shot.

This movie is an experiment by the director. He equipped the actors with notes on the character before shooting and let them improvise. Among many time travel movies on Netflix, these are the best time travel movies that can give you a lesson on how to appreciate the time you have


Not only entertaining to watch in your spare time, but these series also have an amazing moral story that we can always take home and apply in our daily life, particularly moral message on how we should always cherish our partner and marriage. It will also somehow rekindled the feelings on how you first met your husband/wife and remember only the good parts of your spouse!



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