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  • Rani Tria Anggiani


You may not be aware of the importance of a networking business card. Many people think that since there are mobile phones, emails, and all that, a card has become obsolete. This can’t be further than the truth. In a professional world, a card is important in introducing yourself as well as building a connection.

How to effectively utilize your Networking Business Card

Treat your card like it’s your Curriculum Vitae in a compressed form. It’s small and only able to hold pieces of information about you. So, you need to know what you need to put there to amplify the impact of your presence.

Keep reading to know what you can do to reach maximize your network using that little card.

  • Keep Information Simple and Readable

First, always use the name that you choose to use in a professional setting. If you use your maiden name or a pen name, have that one printed instead of your legal name. Choose one phone number and one email address to be printed.

If you don’t have an office, you can leave your website or another form of contact. Keep everything simple and related to your line of work.

  • A matter of good design

The simple info won’t give the impact if everything is printed in the same font size. Have the design that amplifies what you want to highlight.

Most people put their name in bold and large letters, followed by their job title and then contact information.

Choose the design that will represent you, as a professional. It is okay to add a little personality to the card. As long as you remember to keep it professional.

  • Give two cards at once

Having your cards ready is not enough if you only give one to any person you met. You need to be ready to give away two cards at once. You can tell the person to give your card to any of his colleagues who might be interested.

A lot of success stories in the business started from a word of mouth mixed with tenacity on building a good network.

  • Always do a follow-up

A lot of people make the mistake of forgetting this part. You are not building a network if you’re not actively working on it.

Always ask for their cards so you can call them for a follow-up at a later date. If they don’t have a card ready, ask for their numbers and put a note on where you met and his job title in your phonebook.

Why is it important

While you still denying that it’s a trivial thing from the past. A networking business card can take you anywhere you can imagine. You won’t know how you will be connected to the next project or when there will be an interesting job offer.

Giving your card around also ensure you to be the go-to person in the business. Make sure that you remember who is who and what they do. Be the person everyone wants to cozy up to because everyone knows you.

Another thing to remember while you’re giving your cards is to end the conversation in an upbeat tone. Make sure that there’s an invitation hanging and you are open to talk about the project further.

Now you know the importance of keeping a networking business card. It’s more than just having a name card to give away at social events. The card is your ticket for an advance in your professional career. It may be misunderstood, but it shouldn’t be underestimated.



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