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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Ice bucket challenge's effective way to raise awareness

Despite all negative critics on how people view that Ice Bucket Challenge waste waters, have no point, or if-you-want-to-donate-just-donate-already . But i thinks something like ice bucket challenge is an effective way to get youngster and teenagers involved in social activity or just to be aware of common issue.

Teenagers and youngster barely read news. In Such ages, they only interested on their hobbies, entertainment, and social media. Even if they read news, they only read what attract their attention, such as celebrity gossip, a really big issue like war and presidential election, and any other topics that talked among their peer. and from my observation, health issue is least read than any other issue. Because on their mind, if it's not their problem, then what would they have to care about such issue? .

Many Celebrities, CEOs, Athletes, youtubers involved on this viral campaign. And these people are exactly the people that we needed to spread issue to youngster, because these people are the opinion leaders. They are the leader of markets that youngster interested in, every key people hold the attention of thousands young people opinion.

For example, if Kim Kardashian did the ice bucket challenge, all the girly teenagers girls will saw that and be aware of ALS.

Pew Dew Pie did that, so game-addict boys will saw that and be aware of ALS.

Tom Cruise did it, so his million fans will saw it and will be aware of ALS.

Bill Gates did that, so, well... people around the world will saw how Bill Gates react to a very cold water and watch the video. and they get to know ALS issue, as the bonus.

So, for social issue. i think that a fun viral campaign is the best way to gain attraction.

key to viral : the easier the content, the easier to spread.

Here's some ice bucket challenge from a well-known people

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