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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Diary, photos, and a bookmark to memories

as a child, we always wanted to have our own diaries, that keep what's new on our life, to write what we felt when our teacher and parents yelled at us.. and to write how handsome the boy who's in the class is.

the point we wrote those kinda things is not to show our friends and family what we felt, but just to keep to ourselves , so every time we opened the diary, we can always remember what we felt that day. event though the feeling you have on that day is gone today, you always have the chance to remember again by reading the passage you wrote, and feel that feeling again even just for five seconds.

And then you hit teenager, you just have no time to write diares, but instead you replace them with photos. You took photos to every important event you wen through, you took photos with someone who is most important to you at that time. What you don't realize is, that feeling when you took those photos is not gonna last forever. The people in that picture will go one by one, the place where you took that picture will change, and the feeling you had that day is not gonna last forever.

So i think the main reason people doesn't want to delete old pictures, is because they don't want to forget that they ever had those moment, that at some point they went to places that they can't visit anymore or they ever had people that no longer exist in the present.

Treasure all your diaries, photos, recording.. because really, those are the real treasure. We only live once in this world, money and power will reducing as we grow old. But feelings and memories is something that we will remember till the last day we breath.

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