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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

5 Types of girls (or women?) in their early 20s

Well because i'm still in my early 20s and people in my observable universe (my scope of research) is people who have a similar age range with me, so I narrowed down my research to types of women on early 20s. From this, again, I narrowed down my coverage into just Indonesia or specifically Jakarta, the purpose is so I can get the most accurate result, even though I'm not guaranteeing the validity of any outcome on this article. So here it is:

1. The Workaholics

We all agree that sometime girl gets mature earlier than boys. So when they graduate their college and get their first bachelor degree, they instantly search for the best job, gets the job, and just ambitious to get higher and higher position. So these types of girls like to be challenged, they like to perform their best performance in front of their management, clients, and colleague. These types of girls tend to have no time for activity other than their job, sometimes they only hang out if they had to. For instance, they only hang out with their friends because of social convention, something that has to be done as a human being, not for pleasure, not for fun. they use every opportunity to networking and get new opportunity,

2. The Play hard

And then there's the opposite of the workaholics. The play hard. These type of girls is most likely rejecting to be mature or accepting the fact that well, they have to settle down. They will appear in any renowned party in the town and be the spotlight. These girls are having the best time of their life and enjoying every second of youth, because to them you only live once, and you have to enjoy every second of your life not worrying about anything too early.Usually, they not that concerned about career and marriage because maybe in their mind they will have it all figure it out later on.

3.The Work Hard, Play Hard

For these girls, is all about balance. if you spent a lot of time at work, you have to spend the same amount of time outside and having fun with your best friends. These type of girls don't wanna lose the amount of time they waste at work, so they repay that time with an activity that can make them feel recharge to their daily routine. Whatever happens, they have to always show up at the most hype event in the city event though they don't have much time to rest.

4. The Settle down

If you see babies photo, engagement ring photo, or searching-for-wedding-vendors photo, then you know which are these photos belong to. Yeap, the settle down. They're the type of girl who has nothing to be pursued in a career. These girls are more interested in settle down, have a family, and raise kids early. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, it's not. People has a different priority, and for some of the girls, having to be married early is one of their achievement. Sometimes seeing they settled down gave a little bit panicked attack to those who hasn't settled down, but it's nice to have one or two friend who is the settled down type to remind us that time is ticking and life is not just evolved around career and work.

5. The Well-Educated

we all have that one or two friend that is studying abroad for a higher degree, while other stuck on their first job with low income or having a baby. These type of girls is more patient to wait for something bigger if they pursue their master or doctoral degree first. We can see that these girls are more happy and fresh because they can get away from the hecticness of daily life and get to make friends with people in another country. What they concerning about are mostly: when they got home, will they become the only one who hasn't married yet?

6. The Nerdy

Despite the fact that their age is actually above the 20s, they still interested in anything geeky like anime, Korean pop/drama, tv movies, technology, science, social issue etc. These girls will not sacrifice their free time to hang out aimlessly outside. Instead, they will attend any nerdy festival in town, attending a seminar, or any other gathering that related to their interest. The thing is, you don't know what they're up to and sometimes at a certain point, you will find these type of girl as hot as it is.

so, which one of you? or if you're a boy, which type of girl do you like?

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