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20 Facts about me

So i got tag on instagram by 3 of my friends, i thought it was interesting but since it's too late to post on instagram, i will post it here

1. My parents almost named me Maharani, luckily they changed their minds with the thoughts thay the name is too fancy for a baby

2. I got caught by Imigration officer twice cz they thought i'm not Indonesian. once in Jeddah and once in Malaysia. idk i think they thought i was indian or turkish.

3. I LOVE everything that has something to do with miedival/middle earth kinda things (sorry for the wrong spelling, too lazy to check).

4. LOTR and HARRY POTTER are movies that changed my life. I'm a hipster hardcore fans.

5. I love to dance, really love it. i was quite good at it, but i don't think i can do it properly right now.

6. I'm korean and manga freak, deal with it.

7. I cried that easily, especially when people yelled at me.

8. I love my laptop and i love to spend my time at home.

9. Honestly? I hate clubs :( , you can call me cupu or whatever but i don't care.

10. I spend about 1 minutes before i saying what i chose to say.

11.I hate getting fat , but i looveee food too :(

12. there's a box office and romance movie about my life going on my head.

13. i love the word "gravity".

14. i'm easily amazed at something.

15. I love space, science and history.. eventhough i don't intend to take major on any of that fields.

16. Sometimes, i will over analyzed people.

17. Hobbit, zombies and dragon are my favorite creature.

18. Prefer asian foods than western thank you very much.

19. Christian Bale is my idea of a perfect posture of a man.

20. Eventhough i loooveee Lotr, i would chose hogrwats as a world that i would live in.

Well that's about it :D

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