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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

The Science of Kindness

Do you believe in "kill with kindness" proverb? I don't blame you if you don't because these days, we see that the bad guy always win and always have the power to take down the other. Every day, we've been told by the media that people who have power are the bad people who abuse their power to gain even more power. On our life, we see that people who use "shortcut" or take advantage of other people for the sake of his own interest, gets to gain success easier than those who use the proper way to gain success. Society makes us believe if we don't do bad stuff once in a while, we will have a hard time to achieve our goals. I don't blame you if you want an instant way to achieve your dreams, but I will admire you who use the right way to your dreams, without sacrificing your intuition and other people.

I believe good people who are struggling and trying so hard to achieve their dreams will make the bad guy look pretty stupid. The formula is simple if you do your job because it's your job to do so, not because what your boss will give you, not because the position that you want to get, the outcome will follow itself. You'll be amazed by how many people who only want a high position and not doing their job pretty well, will being beaten by you.

If you feel that people around you is bad people and somehow you just hate them, please keep hating them, because somehow your unconscious mind will tell you to not turning into one of them. Be different, be nice people around bad people, because this way, you will stand out from the rest of them. You don't have to give extra efforts because you achieve all of your achievement in a right way. And if someone treating you very badly, be kind to them instead, you don't want to take revenge and treat them badly too right?because that's how you become someone you don't like. every time you want to do a bad thing, think of yourself do you want other people treated you that way?.

I think people forget that kindness is one of the most valuable investment, because like the old man said "Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, Manusia mati meninggalkan nama". In the end, on our last days on earth, we will have nothing, but the comfort and company of other people that we invested our kindness with. And we will not be remembered by how much power we have, but what contribution we give to other people.

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