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: to become different

: to make (someone or something) different

: to become something else

For the year passed, whether we feel it or not, we went through changes, and i can guarantee you that the changes are quite significant and major.

Some people change because of the environment that forces them to change no matter what.

some people change because of experience, that the experience might give them something to learn and to do it/never do it again in the future.

and, some people change because they do it for other people, people they love or people that they thought they love.

I've changed so many times, also for all of the three reason above. Who I am today is the accumulation of several changes that happened in my life. At first, I was so mad at myself for changing so much and for not being myself anymore. But then again, I feel that there's a reason why I had to go through this changes.

When you hate changes and you hate yourself for being changed, just remember.. maybe God put you up through changes because if you still being the old you, you will not be prepared for whatever will come along.

Maybe all this time you've been in a wrong relationship is just because god wants you to experience all the things that turn you into a better person, a stronger one. Maybe god is not giving us the right person yet because there are several things that need to be done first, and we have to deal with it or maybe there's a several thing that has to change from inside of us so the when we meet the right person, we don't have to be suffering anymore, everything will be easier.

Be thankful for the wrong friends, wrong job, and the wrong relationship, because they have to deal with the old you, they didn't get everything they want from you, but indirectly they make you into the new you, the better one.

so when you manage to went through all the troubles you have and all the changes that you have to do to become the better you, and you finally get the right job or the right person.. just look in the mirror and tell the person in front of you "Lucky You".

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