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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Brighter Than Sunshine

"I never understood before, i never knew what love was for"

Do we? do we understand what love is and what it's for? if love is require for making people have family, why don't they just married someone who capable in making kids and raising them? . Why don't we just find someone who is want to have family with us and doesn't mind to live together? what is love? there is never any logical explanation to explain why people experience love.

"I never saw what happening, i'm giving up , i'm giving in.. i just couldn't take the hurt again.. what a feeling"

What people is forgetting that , there's a thin line between love and need for affection. Human is a social creature who need other person to accompany them, talk with them, and just have someone who hang around frequently. But love is not for a social needs, when we love someone who is already dead... what is so social about that? What i'm afraid is... are the one who-so-called boyfriend is the one who we really love? or just someone who's being at the right time and the right place. Are the heartbreaks that we experience is because we love that person, or just because everything is not goes as it planned? was it... a broken heart? or a simple disappointment?

"Love will remain a mystery, but give me your hand and you will see.. your heart is keeping time with me"

But afterall, no matter how hard we look the scientific explanation of love.. we never gonna find it. We just, feel it.. cheerish it... and never wanting to let it go. If you don't feel like working any relationship with anyone , is not because you're out of love, it's just ... you haven't met the one yet. And yes, i believe "the one" the yellow umbrella like Ted Mosby's, but ours maybe.. well something that we will always remember forever when we first met the one. But when i found the one whose heart is keeping time with me and can bear with all of my wild dreams but tamed me at the same time, is the moment i will not let go that person.

"Love Burns Brighter than Sunshine"

Because one day love will give us life, and brand new chapter like sunshine who rise in the early morning to wake us from our sleeps and give us a day to live.. once more.

and the answers is there

Inspired by :

Aqualung- Brighter than Sunshine

PS: always been my favorite tun

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