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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Lost Stars

Young soul are greedy They wanted to be loved that much, yet they don't want to give that much Sacrifices after sacrifices they made just to justify that they in fact, love their love but in the end, they want what they give

Young soul are reckless They sloppy, they don't know how every action can cause something that makes other people's life upside down They care less , they just want affection, companion, and someone to have their problems to share with.. yet, they don't want to hear other people's problem Either they know or pretend to not knowing, they have hurt someone and they can never take it back

Young soul are Foolish They chose to be silent and let their loved one passed, just for the sake of their own pride They chose to be with someone who's society will accept, rather than who their heart wants They chose to waste time in the wrong relationship thinking that people will change

Young soul are lost They lost to their daydreams by thinking about the future and how life supposed to be instead of working off what happening in front of them They keep searching, reaching, and imagining someone who is perfect for them, instead on focusing how to be found they thought they lost direction when in fact, they are the one who created the direction, the one who determine which direction they want to take

"God, give us the reason.. youth is wasted on the young"

Cause god, if only youth is given to the elder, they will use it very wisely, and enjoy every youth without taking it for granted.

But above all, being young is all about finding yourself, knowing what you want, giving yourself what you need

Besides, without getting lost.. we are never be found.

but something we need to know

that we are in fact, have to be worth finding


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