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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Stop and Look Up

When you are spending time with someone. did you hold your phone all the time in your hand?

Stop checking all of your social media when you are hanging out with your friends.. or family

Messenger's notification is really tempting sometimes, but is it that tempting that you are incapable of noticing someone who's in front of you right now?

And then there's this phone call.. who is it? your boss? your clients? yes, they are important calls, but how important it is compared to the moment you are spending right now with your precious one?

you go traveling, but what did you see? the view? the panorama? how did you see the view? through your phone screen? your camera lenses? you already have healthy eyes that can see the most beautiful things that god created without the help of your phone camera, so why the waste?

I mean it's okay to take one or two pictures but after that you should look up, breathe, and just laid down... enjoy the view, cuddle with your loved ones, have one or two cups of tea.. and just... chat... talk over something important.. or not.. or just close your eyes.. do nothing... and let nature take your imagination.

Someone told me, that if we truly enjoy the moment, we would forget to take a lot of photos because we will busy amazed of what we witness that time

Photos that are posted are supposed to remind us the feeling about the places we visit or the moment we cheered .. not because we forced to do that because society did that.

Because when you left your phone for a minute and start to see the beauty in front of you.. you will start to be grateful for the life that god give to us, of the people that always there for us, and for the life that we able to enjoy every day.

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