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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

The Parallelism of Choice

So recently I watched a quite interesting ted talk about choice and the process when we make one. He said that the most common mistake people made when they making a choice, is when they think: more option, more consideration to make the best choice.

So what happened is, people tend to collect all options they can have and chose the best option to fulfill whatever they want to obtain. They always feel that if they making choices when the option are just one or two, they don't know whether there are another better options out there, like: "what if the third option are better?.. or the forth?"

When in fact, More options mean creating more parallelism. I will give you some illustration

Imagine that our options in life are the instrument of this orchestra, and you get the chance to chose two out of that many music instruments. I bet you'll have a hard time choosing. But imagine if you just pick two out of just 3 or 4 instruments available.. not that hard right?. Now replace the music instrument with your options in life, if you have that many options.. will it get easier for you to chose?. More options mean more parallelism in your mind of what output you will get from each option, and you will end up... overthink.

Another common problem with more options are.. your expectation will get higher and higher, it's like infinite sky of expectation. in this case, you will be facing with a lot of plus and minus in every option you get and eventually you will want to keep looking for better option that can be just plus and plus but as you gain your options, you will not get satisfied easily because you always find better things and better things.

for some case, low expectation is good. That doesn't mean you already give up your hope or lower down your standards, it just means that you cherish life at it is, it means that you are letting go whatever that makes you worried, it means that you grateful of this broken imperfect life. Sometimes, the best way to be happy is just, stop searching for better things. Forgive yourself for being ordinary, for being just "enough".. enough money, enough health, enough clothes to wear etc. Because once you feel enough, when better things are come and exceed your expectations, that's when you realize, that life is more than just expectations.

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