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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

10 Things

sometimes, I like to list down some of my favorite things and not-so-favorite things, to remind myself what I do live for

10 things I really hate:

1. I really hate people that don't obey public rules, even though I still try to be a good citizen myself 2. Hate clubs. No particular reason, I just feel like doesn't belong there 3.Cigarettes. (too much reason to hate this one, bisa satu article sendiri) 4. Waiting. If the reason I'm waiting is not worthy enough, I will leave 5. Being too close in distance with total stranger (ex: seat range, standing too close, etc) 6.Dealing with people who doesn't appreciate other people's time 7. Being yelled 8. Seeing other people treat other people like shit (not cool bro) 9. Being forced to do something I don't like 10. Rain, when it supposed to be a good day

10 Things I really like

1. Road trip with good companions and good music 2. Sunset, sunrise, sun sun sun! I love bright and lovely day 3. A milky way kind of sky (stargazing time) 4. Nasa-related articles, I love everything that has something to do with the skies (stars, sun, planets, comet, etc) 5. A really good conversation that can make me laugh so bad and stunned at the same time 6. The sound of the beach 7. Turning on a crappy R&B and hip hop song, then dance like a professional backup dancer :p 8. A good hair day, I can stare at myself in the mirror for 15 minutes or so 9. Singing out loud at traffic jam 10.Traveling while fooling around with myself and my friends

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