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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

Answer in the Sound of a Train

Have you ever hated someone so much , that the only thing you want to do with them is to write a long speech of hurtful statement that can make them do nothing but put "I-can't-believe-you-said-that" face ?

Have you ever been angry so much, that all you want to do is put a ninja mask on your face, go to their house, and throw their precious car with rotten eggs?

or have you been hurt so much , that whenever you see the face of people who hurt you , you just want to go to them and confront them in front of public?

well yeah those wrath-make-a-scene scenario situation is pretty satisfying to do, especially when you can witness people who hurt you is hurt too.But no matter how much those scenario is appealing , you know that you hasn't move on from whatever bothering you that time, because you still feel, well... angry.

Sometimes, moving on doesn't mean you already have someone new to replace the old one.

Moving on doesn't mean you already move to another city or another part of the world to start a new life.

And moving on doesn't mean you feel that you are winning the game from whatever that hurting you.

Sometimes move on is just simply seeing the person who hurt you, smile, wave to them, sincerely asking how was life treating them.

Somehow, all the hateful speech you already prepare in your head is disappeared. All the fight scene you've been picturing in your daydream is not that attractive anymore

You know you already move on when you seeing them, and realize they are not special anymore, that you can't hardly distinguish them between strangers among you.

You know you already move on, when you realize that , the person who hurt is no longer play essential role in your life anymore that you feel you don't have to hurt them to make you feel better. You just simply don't care anymore.

You know you already move on when you look into their eyes and thinking "wow, now i know why i can't be with you, why those things are meant to be happened". Not in a regretful way, but in the most thankful way,

Sometimes, walking away doesn't indicate that you are giving up, or losing the competition. Walking away indicate that you are in fact , not tangled to the conflict, appreciate time and energy better, and not letting other people who hurt you to stay as the essential part of your life any longer.

Also not letting the wheels of hate continue to roll, you just wanna exit the wheels, and let them roll without you.

When this happened, when you are not letting anger take control of you, you already at a higher level of emotional intelligence, where you know what exactly what you need the most.

and this are my Favorite lyric from Marie Digby

There's an answer in the sound of a train there is wisdom past the bridge on the bay There's a lifetime through the fog, in the rain there's a beauty in walking away


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