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  • Rani Tria Anggiani

The Everyday Multiverse

"Another inter galactic theory again? really Ran?" .. that's probably what most people around me would say every time I intended to explain such phenomenon. But I like to connect those outer space theory to my every day life, my ground principles, my way of thinking, and how I perceive life. Multiverse, the term that you all probably have heard from movies such as Interstellar, predestination, or coherence, is an infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance. So in short, Multiverse is the alternate life that you can potentially have, because according to this theory everything is exist. Every choice you didn't take, every place you didn't go, every person you didn't date, is happening, in parallel universe, and it's co-existing with the universe you live in right now. Well in movie of course, you can travel through worm hole or throw yourself to the black hole in order to visit those parallel universe and see what it's look like.

But not in real life, you can only get one life, one set of universe, one choice at a time. You can only choose one path of life, and continue to walk down that path until you die. If we realized we made the wrong choice, we can only change our path maximum three or four times, and that's how short our life is in this world. We cannot choose twelve different route and see what is look like because we are racing with time, we can't afford to loose our precious time because we're getting old. When I thought about this for the first time, I felt frustrated, and feel I don't have much time left in this world, that I haven't accomplish anything in my quarter of my lifetime.

But when I switch my mindset, now I'm starting to realize that I have Infinite multiverse that I can potentially have every time I made decision, and this make me think way ahead my time before I decide anything. When I came home from office, I can choose to not come home and stop by to eat ice cream at a restaurant, but after I eat that ice cream probably I will came home late, runs out money, and feel tired. Whereas, if I come straight home, I save 10K, I can rest early, and have time to read. I imagine myself already living both of the choices I have to make, and I decide which one I like most, then I make the choice. Every time I regret I didn't stop for ice cream, I imagine again how unhappy I am if I stop by, and I don't feel any regret again. Imagine your option as a door that leads you to another universe, in this case, I have the ice cream universe, and the non-ice cream universe. The universe where I ate ice cream is exist, but I didn't choose to live it.

What I did is I went into one set of universe when I made the decision, and I will jump into one universe to another, every time I made a choice. The universe I didn't choose to live in is there, exist, it's just that I know I'm happier living in my chosen universe. I know that in another universe I applied to scholarship, got it, and be a single independent woman living on the other side of the world. But that's not the universe I choose to live in. I know that Allah always giving me opportunity and blessing to go with the life I choose to live in, but the ikhtiar part, the effort, the continuous work of the mind, is all on us, the human itself. We decide what we become, when earned our happiness, we earned Allah blessing. So whenever you feel you haven't satisfied with what you have right now or not feeling content, just count how many doors have you opened to be in the position you are right now. The doors that connecting your previous universe to your current universe is an endless possibility and risk, but you managed to survive it.

Think about other parallel universe that you had the chance to live in but didn't, and think if you meet yourself from another parallel universe. Is she/he going to look as happy as you are right now? If the answer is no, then you made the rightest decision of your life.

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